Friday, February 6, 2009

What Are Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat

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Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #1 Mood Change
In the weeks before her coming in heat, you could discover that her temper has changed. She may be in a crabbier temperment and not prefer to play as much. Your normally playful dog is now a moping around distressed dog. You could cast this off as the dog Is not quite feeling well, but it really means a good deal more. Whether or not a dog hurts from PMS like women do has not in reality been credentialed. But they for certain do go through a shift in mood. Once again, like women the extent or intensiveness of the temper change will change according to the dog.

Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #2 Pseudo Pregnancy Symptoms
Some dogs feel the symptoms of a pseudo pregnancy. If you observe that her breasts are bloated and she appears to have put on a little weight she could be feeling this phenomenon. Not all dogs will have this, but you should be on the watch out for the symptom.

Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #3 Other Dogs in Your Backyard
In all likelihood the largest indicant of a lady dog heat symptoms is the presence of the other dogs in your area. Male dogs are good sensors of a female dog in heat. The aroma is missing to us, but male dogs can differentiate from miles away that there's a female in the area that's ready to be bred. They'll journey from miles around to find her.

Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #4 Female Dog Linger Outside More
Your female dog will also prefer to be outdoors a lot more than common. You may, as a matter of fact, have a hard time holding her in the house. You had better be very mindful that she does not need to get outdoor during this time or you'll most in all likelihood wind up with a pregnant dog on your hands. Keep an eye on these female dog heat symptoms to happen.

Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #5 Swollen Vulva
There could be swelling in her vulva. Once again, this really hinges on the dog. Not all dogs go through a noticeable puffiness while other dogs swell rather noticeably. If you observe this symptom you should reckon that your dog is in heat.

Behavior Changes For Female Dogs In Heat #6 Bleeding
The primary and unequivocal symptom is bleeding. Your dog will be going through a bloody discharge that will step by step switch from blood-red to a tannish color when she's fertile and ready to be bred. The color will revert to red and bit by bit decrease and go away. This is an obvious symptom of what is going on with your dog, but some dogs are very quick and you might not see it in the least.